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Teenconfidential is an Australian-based site for teenage girls and guys.

Teenconfidential is a ‘confidential ‘ space where you can ask questions, get advice and share your experiences and opinions without needing to identify yourself. You can also become part of our mission to help spread ‘good vibes’.

Are you having friend dramas, stressing about school, confused about a relationship or just feeling down…. maybe we can help? Let us know what’s going on by submitting a question using a nickname… no one needs to ever know it’s you! Ask a question  here.

While we can’t answer all questions, we post our responses regularly to those we think most people might relate to or learn something from.

At teenconfidential we don’t claim to ‘know everything’ . We are not trying to tell you how to live your life (after all, we’re all different aren’t we?). Instead, we aim to offer some ideas, suggestions and information based on the world of psychology. We also feel that sometimes just reading about what others are going through, can help you see you’re not alone.

Everyone is welcome to make comments on our posts. Can you relate to the question being asked and just want to say “I hear you”? Or, perhaps you’ve had a similar experience and can share what’s helped you.  Teenconfidential aims to provide a supportive and positive environment at all times. Please keep this in mind whenever you leave comments. All comments will be moderated, so they will not appear straight away. Only those which are constructive and encouraging will be displayed.

Teenconfidential’s ‘good vibes’ zone is all about spreading ‘good vibes’ through stories, pics and anything else really. We don’t know about you, but sometimes it seems the online world can become a bit of a negative space. In this zone we want to focus on all that’s good: random acts of kindness; things that make you smile; your passions; challenges you’ve overcome; something you’re grateful for or just capturing those ‘ahhh’ moments in life. It would be great to get you on board to help spread the good vibes. Share your ideas here.

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