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My Good Vibes Snapshot: Sha-lane Gibson

For Sha-lane Gibson, leaving her community to go to a boarding school where she was the only Indigenous student, was a tough transition. Over time, she found her feet and  came to appreciate how important education is.  Sha-lane, now 19, is determined to make a difference by encouraging young Indigenous people to continue with their education and to recognise all they’re capable of:

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My Good Vibes Snapshot: Brooke Mason

While going through school, Brooke Mason from Tasmania felt that things were not right. The rigid pressure to look a certain way and be a particular type of person, left many students lacking in confidence and questioning themselves. Brooke became passionate about making a difference and spreading positivity. Her involvement with the Fresh Faced Friday campaign is a key part

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My Good Vibes Snapshot: Meg Roh

  When Meg Roh from Dana Point in California, first paddled out on a board at age 5, she fell in love with surfing. In June 2011, she set herself a goal to hit the waves every day as training for an upcoming surf comp. Ten days straight of daily surfs, soon stretched into the whole of summer and then she just kept going….and going…and going. Meg

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