share your good vibes

good vibesGot some ‘good vibes’ you’d like to share?

At teenconfidential we are on a mission to help spread ‘good vibes’.

Have you seen a ‘random act of kindness’ that made you smile?

Is there something you’re passionate about?

Have you had one of those days that just gave you a buzz?

Are you part of something that helps others?

Is there a pic or vid that lifts your spirits or makes you laugh?

Is there someone or something you feel truly grateful for?

Have you overcome some personal challenges or know someone who has?

Is there someone you admire for all the right reasons?

We would love to hear from you…

Please get in touch and share your story (it can be about you or someone you know)

So that we can get respond to you, you’ll need to provide us with an email address. If your story ends up featuring on we can use your full name,  your first name only or if you prefer, a nickname of your choice. If you are under 18 years we will need to get your parent’s or caregiver’s permission before we publish. Thanks

(image credit: xodohtronu)

share your thoughts and experiences... (your comments can be anonymous, you don't need to enter an email address)

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