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Advice: Racism hurts

There’s a guy at school who keeps making racist comments to me and my friends.  The others somehow ignore him but I’m so over it, it makes me feel like crap. I’ve told him to stop heaps of times but he thinks its funny. I’m getting really edgy whenever I see him and he’s making me stressed about going to school. I don’t know how to

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My Good Vibes Snapshot: Brooke Mason

While going through school, Brooke Mason from Tasmania felt that things were not right. The rigid pressure to look a certain way and be a particular type of person, left many students lacking in confidence and questioning themselves. Brooke became passionate about making a difference and spreading positivity. Her involvement with the Fresh Faced Friday campaign is a key part

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My Good Vibes Snapshot: Xavier Eales

When Xavier Eales got up to address his school assembly, most assumed it was just going to be another School Captain’s speech. Instead it was an emotional and very personal account of his long struggle with depression. Few had known that underneath the ‘happy mask’, all had not been OK for Xavier. Teenconfidential had the privilege of catching up with

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