Advice: nude pics are not me!


What should I do if someone has sent out nudes saying they are of me? I’m freaking!!!

Mango11, 14. Perth, WA.


screen interactionOur psychologist says: Knowing there are nude photos out in cyber space with your name attached to them, can lead to feelings of embarrassment and worry (eg. “who’s going to see these?”, “what will they think of me?”), anger (eg. “how dare they!”) and confusion and panic (eg.“I don’t know what to do!”).  Even if the nudes were posted as a joke, having such images circulating digitally can have all sorts of negative consequences. It’s not-OK for anyone to send out something like this full stop. It is doubly not-OK because of your age and the fact they’re nudes. Distributing such images of anyone under 18 years is actually against the law. Do you know who sent the photos? If so, contact them and insist they delete the pics immediately. Make it clear you’re totally serious about this and will take action if it’s not sorted out straight away. Tell them to get in touch with anyone else who has the photos and ensure they get rid of them them too. If possible, find out where the nudes have been sent or posted and take steps to delete them. Get an adult you trust involved (eg. your parents, a teacher) to help manage the  situation. This is especially important if you’re not sure who has sent the images, there’s a chance they’ve been spread beyond one person or someone put them out there to deliberately bully you. If the pics are tagged online with your name, de-tag them. Contact relevant administrators of any hosting sites and services (eg. Facebook, Instagram) and request they remove the images. Cybersmart and ThinkUKnow can guide on you how to do this and offer relevant info on managing your digital reputation and cyber safety. According to the law, it’s illegal to use a mobile phone or the internet in an offensive or harassing way that makes a person feel humiliated (check out more about this at Lawstuff). If it feels like this situation is snowballing beyond your control, contact your local police for backup. For further advice about handling this scenario or support in dealing with any emotional fallout contact kidshelpline or see your school counsellor, psychologist or youth worker.

(image credit Kārlis Dambrāns)

Over to you:  Our psychologist has shared her suggestions but what do you think?  Has anything like this ever happened to you or someone you know? Have you got any useful tips for Mango11?


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